Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What would be the key factors of finding bugs....

In my knowledge there should be a specific ways to finding software bugs too easy.i think following are the key factors for make easy to finding a bugs.

1: Check for inconsistency within the product
2: Check for the Inconsistency on the purpose of the product
3: Check for inconsistency with the product versions
4: Check for inconsistency with the image a company is trying to portray
5: Check for inconsistency with a comparable product
6: Check for inconsistency with claims that are made about the product
7: Check for Inconsistency with user expectations on the product
8: Check for the Inconsistency in regards to legal requirements.
9:Talk to developers on how they have coded a piece of function(s). This may sometimes reveal scenarios
that they may have been missed out and hence chances of finding bugs becomes higher for those
10: Give rest to your brain and eyes. Tired eyes may miss, an easy to see bugs.

What do you think ? is this correct or not?............