Thursday, August 10, 2017

4 Common mistakes are doing in customer support

In day to day customer support operations we win the customers and sometime we lose them due to the various reasons. According to my experience, I would like to note, what are the common mistakes we do for lost the customers.

"Not a listener"

 Listing is the major fact, when it comes to the effective customer support. The human brain can listen 500 - 550 words per minute. But can talk only 200 - 250 words. That mean brain always set to listen more than the talking. But most of the customer support engineers tend to talk to the customer what they know rather than listening to the customer. Sometime they talk much to defend the problems rather than solving it.

"Not understanding customer" 

Did you understand your customer always before solving their problems? Most of the time answer is "No".  When you talk or solving customer problems, It is vital understand real situation of the customer, need to feel the pain of the customer. This we call as "Empathy". It always easy for you to drive you to the perfect solution.

"Stupid customer mindset"

Some customer support engineers think like"this customer doesn't know anything !!" , "customer always wrong !!". This is a dangerous attitude for support engineer as well as the organization. Because Customer always tried something and come up with some experience. They get into the problem after doing something with your product or the service. because of that, If you think like above your customer, It always drive you into the wrong answer or the incorrect solution. Bad impact is, It may ended up with frustrating your customer.

"Thinking customers are depending on you" 

This attitude always presents you as an impolite person in front of the customer. If you are working with traditional customer service and if customer frustrate because of above reason, they will tell their 500 friends about you. It will lose only 500 potential customers. But if yo working with internet world they will tell you 5 million people. It can be effect to completely close your business.Customers always have many alternatives. Because they are not always depends on you. You depend on them.