Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How to activate clustering in WSO2 WSAS

Web services application clustering is an major requirement in production environment.WSO2 carbon based products comes with the clustering functionality.To enable clustering in WSAS and other carbon based products is much easier that other  open source applications.

             To work WSAS with the clustering functionality you have to run more wsas instances in the same time.

Following are the steps to enable clustering in WSAS.(to enable clustering to all other wso2 carbon based products follow same steps.)

1. Download WSO2 WSAS.

2. Extract binary package.

3. Open axis2.xml in “WSAS_HOME/conf “ folder.

4. Change “clustering class” enable = true


<clusteringclass="org.apache.axis2.clustering.tribes.TribesClusteringAgent" enable="true">

5. then you have use same cluster for all the wsas instances.That cluster domain name is mention in cluster domain parameter in axis2.xml.message multicasting based on that cluster domain.

Ex:  <parameter name="domain">wso2.carbon.domain</parameter>

This is the basic of the wso2 WSAS clustering functionality. you can find more information here.

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