Thursday, December 13, 2012

How to start H2 DB management tool in wso2 carbon servers

This guide will helps you how to view/operate H2 databases which embedded with the wso2 carbon servers.

1. Download wso2 products from here.
2. Open carbon.xml located in CARBON_SERVER/repository/conf
3.  Uncomment H2  db configuration (first 3 properties are the minimum requirement)

    <property name="web" />  
    <property name="webPort">8082</property>  
    <property name="webAllowOthers" />  
    <!--  <property name="webSSL" />  
    <property name="tcp" />  
    <property name="tcpPort">9092</property>  
    <property name="tcpAllowOthers" />  
    <property name="tcpSSL" />  
    <property name="pg" />  
    <property name="pgPort">5435</property>  
    <property name="pgAllowOthers" />  
    <property name="trace" />  
    <property name="baseDir">${carbon.home}</property> -->  

4. Start carbon server
5. Open bowser and enter "http://localhost:8082/" (if you change webport in above configuration, URL should be change based on that)
6. Add database informations as showed in pic1.

 6. Now you will see H2 console.

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