Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How to Grant Permission to Remote Access in MySQL

If you are using Client Server architecture with MySQL database,you cant directly access MySQL database which is in the server.

To Access MySQL Database thought the network,you have to grant the permission to each do that you have to follow following steps.

Ex :- Create a database "WSO2"

1. Open MySQL Command Prompt

2. Type Following Command to grant usage permission to access MySQL

Syntax -

mysql> GRANT USAGE ON *.* TO username@[Client_IP] IDENTIFIED BY 'password';

Ex :-

mysql> GRANT USAGE ON *.* TO Chamara@ IDENTIFIED BY 'chamara123';

3. Then Type following command to Grant database Permission

Syntax -

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON database_name.* TO username@[Client_IP];

Ex :-


Now you can access WSO2 Database from anywhere.


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lahiru said...

Thanks chamara was very useful for granting access to already created databases ! if we create a new database it will work fine once we do granting but for old databases GRANT ALL ON foo.* TO bar@'' IDENTIFIED BY 'PASSWORD'; didn't worked for me. but GRANT USAGE worked !


Anonymous said...


Thank you very much for the post. This works fine for me after disabling firewall.


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