Tuesday, August 19, 2008

User Interface Testing at Glance


In Software Quality Assurance, UI Testing is most important Testing area.Because users are directly communicate with the User Interfaces.During the UI Testing Tester must concentrate to following key areas.

  • Colors of the controls and application
  • Look And Feel of the application
  • Ease of use
  • Controls up to Standard

Colors of the controls and application

        Tester should concentrate on color used to buttons,labels and other controls.if application use dark colors or very bright colors,it tired users eye.because I think middle class colors are very user friendly.

Look And Feel of the application

       Look and feel of the application is another important part.because user see the application at glance, it should be able to attract the user.other wise user will leave the application within a short time.so Tester should see the application user point of view and test look and feel.

Ease of use

       Every task of the application should very user friendly.if user want to do some task using application,application should provide that very easy manner.for that application can use wizards,Help tips,meaningful labels and icons etc.In testing "Ease of use" of an application tester need to check wether that application follows wizards,meaningful labels,buttons,icons etc by covering all the functionalities.

Controls up to Standard

        Using application controls based on the standards is another tip for improve user friendliness in application.in testing this section tester should concentrate whether that application follows  standard buttons,labels,text boxes,drop down boxes,control sizes etc.otherwise user may confuse with the controls application used.

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