Friday, August 15, 2008

What is Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)

Software Testing is most important task in software development.Once you developing a software Application,you have to understand the software development life wise Software Testing Life Cycle is also parallel goes with the Software Development life Cycle.

Now I am going to explain section by section of Software Testing Life Cycle.


1. Requirement Analysis

In Requirement analysis phase need to understand of all the software requirements.for this you can use Software Requirement Specification (SRS) Document.

2. Test Case Writing

In this phase you have to write test cases by covering all the features and functionality in application.

Test Case Document should contain following sections.

  • Test Case Name :- Name Of the Test Case (Ex : Click Ok Button)
  • Test Case :- How that test should do (Ex: Go to X window and Left Click Ok Button)
  • Expected Result : - Result Of the Test (Ex : Y window Display)
  • Status : - Actual Result of test case Pass/Fail
  • Comments : - Special Remarks of the test case.

3. Test Case Executing

Executing test cases in test case Document and filling.

4. Issue Reporting

During the application testing you have to track all the issues currently having.for this you can use issue tracking tool.

5.Issue Verification

After fix the issue you reported by the developer you have to retest that.above 3,4,5 STLC phases you have to follow as a cycle until application come up to some standard.

6. Release Product

In this phase you are ready to release the have to make release notes for it.In release not contain all the areas you tested and what are the knows issues in this release application.


Chathuri said...

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RBCS Software test consultants said...

I have heard and read about SDLC i.e software development life cycle but never heard of this. Good to know this new term. Thanks for posting. said...

If by STLC you mean Software Testing Life Cycle, the domain is very broad.

The typical steps of STLC are:
- Pinpointing Requirements and creating Use Case Documents
- Defining a Test Plan
- Defining Test Cases
- Executing Test Cases
- Bug Analysis and Reporting
- Retesting the reported bugs, after bug fixing sessions.

It's about defining interaction scenarios from the point of view of the future user(s), performing walk-troughs and reporting possible problems to the development team(s), in a structured standardized manner.

The requirements analysis is actually a part of the Software Development Life cycle, but is required in the testing stage.
What is the difference between SDLC and STLC?

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